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President and CEO of Levelninesports.com

About Rich:

Rich loves family ski vacations, and teaching skiing. Rich is the owner and founder of Level9. Before L9 Rich held many other jobs in the ski industry, ranging from Bum to Instructor. His hobbies include lowering prices, working all the time and usually not shaving.On a serious note, Rich  is one of the most ethical, honest and generous people you’ll ever talk to, and Level9’s company wide culture and personality is largely a reflection of Rich’s own personality. Even though Rich is almost always very busy, if you really want to speak to the owner, he makes himself very accessible.

Ask Rich About: Anything skis, Website/Tech Help, Owning a small medium sized business, sucking at golf, Roxy Mumbo Jumbos, Las Vegas

E-mail: rich@levelninesports.com