Children’s ski gear is tough to pick out, here are some tips and pointers to get your kids in the correct ski gear.

Children’s Skis:

Skis need to be sized smaller on children to make their skiing experience more enjoyable. Proper sizing for your young one should be no higher than chin level. DO NOT make the mistake of getting a longer ski for your child to compensate for future growth. If you get a ski too long it will make skiing incredibly difficult and you’ll have to deal with whiny kids all day and no one wants that! There are some exceptions to this rule, though. If your kid is more aggressive and would be considered an advanced skier you can get a skis that measure a bit longer and have a stiffer flex.

Some people ask what the differences are between the kid’s skis we carry and most of the time it really isn’t much. Because children weigh so little, they don’t need the technical range of flexes that you see with adult skis. Most kid’s skis have the same flex, which is a very soft and forgiving flex, as well as similar side cuts so turning is easier and more fun. So basically you want to make sure that you get the right size ski and then from there it’s a choice between what graphics your kid likes best!

We do however carry some higher end kids skis that will suit your more advanced and technical little ripper. If you need help finding the best high end ski, make sure you use our Ski Selector.


children skis Junior Skis Advanced Jr Image Map

Children’s Boots:


As always, the best way to find the right size boot is by using our Ski Boot Selector tool, which is always right on the money! If you don’t use the Ski bannerBoot Selector we recommend that you get a boot about a size bigger than what they’re currently measured at to ensure they get a couple seasons of use due to the fact their feet are growing constantly. The only exception to up sizing is if your child is an advanced skier or if you choose the Roces adjustable boots because they grow with your kids instead of your kids having to grow into them. Make sure you do not get a boot over 2 sizes bigger than what they’re measured at because it could lead to their boots falling right off or they could get injured. Again, no one wants a crying kid.

Children’s Poles:

We usually recommend that you don’t even bother with poles for your little ones because it usually just makes skiing more difficult and awkward for them. But they should be using poles by the time they turn 12, or if they are becoming more aggressive skiers. So make sure to keep an eye out for their progress because they may need poles soon!


Every kid should ski with a helmet, no exceptions.  Head injuries are common in skiing and kids have no fear.  Many kids helmets are adjustable so that you do not need to buy a new one every year.


Children's Ski Gear: Smith Holt Jr. Helmet Children's Ski Gear: Smith Upstart Jr. Helmet Children's Ski Gear: Smith Allure Jr. Helmet Children's Ski Gear: Smith Antic Jr. Helmet

Other Useful Gear

Tip Connectors For Teaching

After you get your child all set up with some new boots, skis and some warm outerwear, the next step is to make sure they can ski! If you already made it through the TeachChildrenSkiing videos, you probably already know a good bid about tip connectors and harnesses.
If you are going to be the one teaching your child how to ski, tip connectors are a must for children under 5. Tip connectors are used to attach both the tips of your child’s ski together to help them figure out how to “pizza” or wedge. There are a few different options, all of which are cheap, and exceptionally effective.
We hope these tips will help you find the right gear!

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  1. Darnhya says:

    Just another thing you shuold buy as a recommendation is a solid ski lock (they can still be nicked but it’s alot harder) for the ski racks with specail slots (they’re everywhere ) and a wire lock when you can’t find an availble ski rack. You may thinnk that its not necessary but skis are frequently stolen and it really sucks when they do get stolen. I had a freind who didnt bother locking his skis in the rack when going to the toilet and when he came out poof!!! his 600$ skis were gone.Also a wire lock is good for when you have the little ones because if their ski’s get nicked it’s not fun explaining this to thier parents.(Trust me I’ve been there done that)

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