The making of

The making of

I had been meaning to make some helpful videos on my favorite subject of teaching toddlers to ski for quite some time. Luckily the excellent 2012 snow year enabled me to plan a late July trip to Mt Hood with my daughter (the talent) and nephew (the cameraman.)
While not ideal as there was no real beginner terrain for video shoots and the width of the lower slopes had been greatly reduced, the weather and snow where great and I fully recommend a family ski trip to Mt Hood in the early summer as long as there is coverage to the base of Miracle Mile Chairlift (Timberline Lodge). Miracle Mile is gentle enough for all but beginners.
As an added bonus, the Palmer lift lets you watch international ski teams train. The Palmer lift has 9 “lanes” with one or more open to the public. I’d never been there before but it’s clear why its a top rate training facility (well in addition to the fact that it’s one of the few North American resorts to have snow past spring.) The pitch is a consistent advanced level pitch and the slope is ridiculously wide. It’s labelled as advanced but due to the consistency most intermediate skiers should be able to experience it as well (the exception might be younger children intimidated but the steepness) as long as it’s not icy.

We took advantage of the trip to tour the waterfalls along the Columbia River, pick our own cherries, and quick visit the Rose Garden and some of Portland’s other sights.

Jenna was happy to take a ski vacation with her cousin David (the cameraman) and is usually happy to be on the slopes, but to say she is a happy go lucky type that is more than willing to exhibit a particular skiing feature that we were trying to video would be waaay off. We hope we managed to get the proper footage to help display the points we were trying to make (kudos to David for doing such a good job.) But if we didn’t then realize that I decided to try to live by my motto of keeping them safe and happy.

In any case I hope the videos provide some use to you and if you have any questions feel fee to ask.

Teach Children Skiing

Welcome to the new Teach Children Skiing website. Here you can watch the videos as Rich goes through the steps to make your child the next Bode Miller, Glen Plake, or Seth Morrison.