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Lesson 2: Picking Your Equipment

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In Lesson 2, Rich tells us how to keep children happy by getting the correct ski equipment. Rich talks about how to pick out the correct equipment for your child, including how to size certain equipment, including skis and boots, as well as making sure to hit on things like outerwear and goggles. Children’s skiing equipment is easier to pick out if you do not worry about whats going to happen in a year.

Links to Useful Products
Roces Adjustable Childrens Boots
Childrens Ski Packages
Junior Ski Packages
Tip Connectors (Wedgease)
Ski Blades, For the Instructor

2 Comments on “lesson 2”

  1. Sarifah says:

    Like Peter’s excellent ansewr mentioned if you are just getting into racing, you shouldn’t measure yourself against the others.Look for improvement over the season. If you still like it after a year, get yourself on a rigid off-season conditioning program. Muscles, coordination, and rhythm are very important. Ask your coaches for more details.As a first year racer, you won’t know what to expect. Keep asking questions, especially of your coaches, listen to their advice. After a year you will have some experience, and know if you want to continue racing.It’s a tough, tough business. Some love it, some don’t.

  2. Zach says:

    I just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for the video series you did with your daughter. I found it very helpful as I was preparing to teach my 2 year old son. While I have instructed older kids, I haven’t worked with anyone that young. The suggestions I have gotten locally just haven’t made as much sense as what I watched you do. And of course, it worked out well in practice too.

    Your method of letting the edgie ride on my skis worked great and Henry had an awesome experience yesterday on his first time out.

    I never would have thought about using the ski blades, and bought a pair from you this morning.
    Thank you again, it was very valuable and really helped steer us in the right direction.

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